DJ-15A: Soy Milk Maker
AX-211: Soy Milk Maker
Bring home the health benefits of adding soy milk to your diet, over
cereals, in puddings and many other cooked dishes, with your soy
milk machine right in your own kitchen! Soy milk, made from fresh
soybeans, can significantly benefit all ages and is a powerful healing
food (soy from soybeans lower blood cholesterol levels, decreasing
the risk of osteoporosis, benefits the cardiovascular system and the
isoflavonoids in soy milk can even reduce menopausal symptoms).
Soy consumption can also help you lose weight by adding a high-quality protein
source coupled with the polyunsaturated fat properties of soy, which aids in
building lean muscle mass (
see soy & weight loss article). Homemade soy milk is
much more nutritious than the commercially prepared varieties as some of the
store-bought soy milk can contain preservatives. Stop paying the high price for
commercially prepared soy milk!
How Using Your Soy Milk Machine Can Help You Lose Weight -
Soy-protein shakes or soy-protein fruit smoothies are a safe and healthy way
to achieve fast and permanent weight loss.

Making Soy Milk With Your Soy Milk Machine!
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