Question 1.           Step-by-Step: How to Operate the Air Cooler

Thank you for purchasing the TAYAMA Evaporative Air Cooler Model: TC-998
Follow these instructions:

Step 1. Freeze Coolant Packs (2 included with Remote Control)

Place the 2 coolant packs in the freezer for up to one hour before directly placing them in the water  
tank with the water.

Step 2. Fill Water Tank / Water Gauge

Fill the water tank with water, make sure not to fill over indicated Water Gauge MAX.
Water Gauge is located at the bottom right of the water tank.

Step 3. Place Coolant Packs in Water Tank

Remove Coolant packs from freezer and place directly in the water tank, make sure water level is within
the indicated amount on Water Gauge.
Ice cubes may also be added in the water tank to create cooler air.   

Plug-in and Turn ON the unit.
The unit is able to function as a fan as well, with no water or coolant necessary.

Step 4. Cleaning and Maintenance (Always Turn OFF and Unplug the unit before cleaning & maintenance )

Changing the Water

-Change water once every 1-2 weeks depending on usage.
-Turn OFF the unit and unplug the cord. Drain unit outside or in your backyard.
-To drain the water tank remove rubber plug located in the center rear of the water tank.
-Pull rubber plug towards yourself, and water will drain from water tank onto the floor.
-Wipe dry and place rubber plug back in the water tank.
-Refill with new water to circulate clean air.

Cleaning the Body of the Unit

-Clean the body of the unit with a damp cloth. Never spray water directly onto the body or control
panel / LCD Display or use harsh chemicals.

Cleaning the Dust Filter and the Water Curtain
-It is recommend to clean the Dust Filter and Water Curtain once every 2 weeks.
Dust, dirt, mold, or mildew maybe clog the unit and affect the air coolers performance greatly.  

To Remove Dust Filter Screen:
-Place thumbs on top corners of Dust Filter screen and push down and pull towards yourself.
-Tabs release, and pull up and out.
(The top has 2 tabs that snap-in, and the bottom of the filter has two tabs that insert in back of air cooler.)
-To clean use warm water and mild detergent
-Make sure filter is completely dry before operating unit.

To Remove Water Curtain:
-Remove the 3 screws located on the back frame, one in each top corner, and one at the bottom center.
-Be careful when removing the back panel because the water tube is connected to the back panel.
-Gently remove the end of the tube that is connected to the water pump, before removing the panel.
-Gently Push bottom rod to remove water curtain, then remove top rod by separating the Velcro attachment.
-Wash Water Curtain with mild detergent and warm water. Rinse in clean water.
-After cleaning or replacing the Water Curtain, make sure tube is firmly connected to the pump

For more instructions on how to operate the Air Cooler, please view the instruction manual TC-998 Manual.

Question 2.        Where can I order replacement parts for my evaporative air cooler?

Replacement parts may be ordered from our Customer Service Department by calling
1-866-9TAYAMA or 1-866-982-9262, M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST. Please have the model          
number ready when calling.

Question 3.        Where is my nearest Service Center?

Our nearest Authorized Service Center is located in Rosemead, California.
Address: 2660 River Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770

Please have model number ready when calling.

Question 4.        What is an Evaporative Air Cooler?

An evaporative air cooler is a cooling and humidifying appliance. Perfect for a standard size bedroom
or small living area. This Evaporative Air Cooler, Humidifier, Air Filtration, and Fan with ionizer is
versatile and an economical way to cool and humidify the surrounding air. Designed with micro-
computer control system, this unit can lower surrounding temperature and humidify the air through
the principal of water evaporation. The Cooler easily rolls from room to room with lockable casters.
This Air Cooler shoots a stream of air with oscillating louvers, to evenly distribute refreshing cool air.
Can also be used as a fan or humidifier if temperature is not an issue. The remote control allows you
to easily change settings.      

Question 5.        How does the Evaporative Air Cooler work?

The Air Cooler works by endothermic reaction (a reaction that consumes heat), so this evaporative
Air Cooler sucks air through a wick saturated with water. As the air flows through the wick, some of
the water evaporates into the air, consuming the heat that was in the air. An air stream is then blown
out the front of the unit and is considerably cooler than the current room temperature!
This is not an air conditioner and therefore uses much less energy.

Note: The unit works well in dry climates; not very effective in areas with high humidity as the unit
utilizes water to cool.

Question 6.       What are the features of the Evaporative Air Cooler?

Features and Functions
- Computer-controlled system with LED panel
- Fan, Cool, Humidifier, Air Filtration and Ionizer
- Double-layered, filtration mesh water curtain
- Remote control
- Washable filter
- Three air speeds: H / M / L
- Timer: from 0.5 ~ 7.5 hours setting
- Locking casters

Input voltage         120V / 60Hz
Power consumption        60 W
Air flow        500m3/hour
Water consumption         0.5 ~ 0.6L/Hr
Fan speeds         7.4 m/s
Ion density        2,800,800 ~ 3,000,000/CM3
Dimension (W x D x H) in.        14.5 x 11.5 x 31.75 in.
Net weight        20 lbs

If none of these answered your questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at
1-866-9TAYAMA or 1-866-982-9262 , M-F 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST or by e-mail.
Evaporative Air Cooler